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    Default Rear master cylinder location options?

    I need to relocate my rear master cylinder sometime soon. I picked up a Led Sled kicker kit and where I currently have the rear master positioned will be right in the way of the kicker.

    I've seen where guys have mounted their rear master directly to the cam cover with some type of bracket. Was hoping I could find one that I could buy to save time on relocating it, but I will make a bracket if need be.

    Any info, opinions, experience on doing this?

    This is how my rear master is positioned currently.

    I found this for mounting the master on the cam cover.

    I'm thinking just some longer bolts would get it done. I wonder if those two bolt holes are enough to secure the master without putting too much stress on the cam cover bolt holes in that case half.

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    get one with a remote reservoir, clean it right up.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I thought about this. But with nowhere really to hide the plastic reservoir I ended up fabricating a mount plate that is similar to the one posted.

    I like the finned look of the stock master.

    Now I'm waiting on a longer braided line to get here so I can re-plumb my brake now that the master is relocated. Once that gets here I'll be able to finish wiring up the pressure switch etc.

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