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    Default Biker Tips and Tricks.

    I already posted this weather app. It is incredibly handy to have on a ride.

    Recently, I bought a convertible/Full Face helmet for highways rides. Bugs cover the face shield at night and it fogs pretty badly (and quickly) in traffic. The Mrs. bought some name brand clearer that was pretty expensive and didn't work that well. It was also supposed to be "anti fog" But that didn't seem to work at all.

    I found that a microfiber towel and the small travel spray bottle from Walmart filled with RainX windshield washer fluid for your car is cheap (buy the gallon size) and helps a great deal.

    Toss them in your saddlebag or your pocket and they make cleaning your windshield or visor a snap. Bugs melt away and RainX repels water, so it helps a lot with the fogging problem.

    After trying a bunch of polishes and different things for my shitty old chrome and paint, I found that this:

    Works great and so does the HD polish from the dealer. (They may even be the same product)

    HD engine black is awesome too, and is the best thing I've found yet for wrinkle powder coated anything.

    (And the price really isn't bad, despite being dealer products)

    Got anything you want to share?

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    A magnifying mirror like chix use is a good thing to keep in a pocket. good for diggin shit out of the eyes. I always keep a pc. of strong string about 3 ft. long too. tie up loose shit. I keep one of those waterproof cigarette boxs with fuses, a pc. of chain , cond. and a set of points with a long pc. of electrical tap wrapped around it too. A gun,knife, and an old credit card with notches cut in it at 1" for adjusting a pressure plate too. Oh and a folded up small pc. of sandpaper for grindin points.

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    To clean minor rust and corrosion off chrome, use little wads of aluminum foil and water. The foil is softer than the chrome so it won’t scratch it, and the water causes some kind of chemical reaction that gets rid of the oxidation.

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    When it comes to washing the bike, I have found that baking soda works great at removing bugs and their guts.
    First water rinse bike.
    With a soft cotton towel, thoroughly wetted, pour on the baking soda, get it wet and pasty.
    Apply more as needed, and it's cheap $.
    After that I do the soapy water then chamois dry!

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    Baking soda is an old timers trick for rough buffing paint, cuts nice and is cheap.

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    download Free manuals and documents:

    Harley Easyriders Tech Tips & Tricks v.1.pdf
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    Click image for larger version. 

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