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    Default First "long" ride on my Shovel

    Was finally able to get some free time to take my bike on a weekend trip! Ive had a couple 100+ mile days and she seemed to handle it pretty well, including short bursts up to around 100mph.

    So I threw in some new Metzler's, and a factory sissy bar that I got with the bike and hit the road for our annual rally up in Raton, 230-250 miles from Albuquerque depending on the route.

    Went with my boys that were playing in one if the bands and they were in a hurry to beat the rain with a truck full of stage gear and instruments. Ended up stopping under a bridge north of Santa Fe to wait out some rain, and transferred all the gear into another truck with a camper.

    My old shovel chased those twin cams up i25 for 3.5 hours and beat the living shit outta me. Especially the last 30 or so miles when they started to get excited and speeds crept up above 85 sustained. That was hard on the ole girl but we got there!

    Only issue was the front rubber oil tank mount popped, but a bungee cord held her together (still on there even though I bought the replacement mounts ahah)

    Drank beers, rode to the lake, drank more beers, rocked out, drank more beers, went to bed. SOP

    Got up and had a nice breakfast, and it turned out the rest of guys wanted to stay another day. Cool with me - took the long way home via Cimarron, Taos, Espanola, Santa Fe, Madrid, and finally home to Albuquerque.

    Started to misfire coming into Madrid where I planned to stop and fill up (gas, beer, burger). Checked the points and it had gotten pretty tight. Tried to adjust it and couldn't do better than .015. So I popped it off and discovered the follower had almost completely eroded! This was a surprise, as this was a Blue streak breaker with only about 1500 miles, and one re-adjust on it. No biggy as I had a fresh one in the bag. While I was in there I noticed a minor, but obvious cam seal leak, and also a fair amount of gear oil on top of the tranny between the lid and kicker cover. I've only got about 1500 on all these parts since having done a pretty complete rebuild of the transmission, and a case split engine overhaul/new top end, so I was surprised to find these symptoms. Any thoughts, other than bad install? Do you guys lube your points cam? Could the gear oil be pushing out of the vent screw due to high RPM? Could all these issues be RPM related? I'm running 24/51 gearing, stock primary, stock ratchet top 4 speed. Don't have any gauges, but we never went below 75mph and as high as 85ish maybe more, for about 250 miles and 3.5 hours. Oil psi was showing around 17-25psi.

    Anyways here's some shitty pictures!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20210724_101909.jpg   20210725_120729.jpg   20210725_153617.jpg   20210727_134157.jpg   20210727_134116.jpg  

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    Sounds like a great trip for you overall! Nice

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    Points cam needs lube. Usually a small dab of grease rides inside the L shaped leg of the cam follower.
    A long time ago they used to include a tiny capsule of grease for this with a new set of points.
    Sounds like a nice trip you had, I'm jealous!

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    Does sound like a nice trip, longer than anything I've done on my '80 FLH. I have done something that really helps on the highway: 26/45 sprockets. Not beating anyone off the line, but it will go fast on the highway, 0.88 OD in all gears.


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    I run 24-48 on my 78 super glide and 24 -49 on my 66 flh and if the guys im riding with were doing 85 Id say Ill meet you there
    Im down in Alamogordo the only other shovel Ive seen was at the bike shop..people see my ride and say nice bike when they see me kick it they say "wow kick start"....yes sir
    thats the thing about a shovel when your going 80+you know it

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    I'll second the grease on the follower.

    Hey I was wearing my Maggie's Diner t-shirt yesterday. The missus and I enjoyed an afternoon in Madrid a few years back. Nice part of the country.

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