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    Default Clutch disengaging after a few seconds


    Got a 73 shovelhead with stock clutch and have a problem with it.
    Clutch was working good before I took the bike apart for a paintjob. Once installed back and I put in the (foot) clutch it works fine for a few seconds. And then (after 2/3 seconds) it disengages while having the clutch in. During waiting on the paintjob I left the clutch on the transmission and didn't touch it. What could cause the problem?

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    If you mean that the clutch is engaging, the steels may be rusty. You may also have a problem with the release bearing, and if you have a foot clutch, the early style bearing is preferred, almost mandatory.


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    Yes sorry, engaging. Sometimes trouble with translation to English, hehe.
    With the release bearing you mean the throwout bearing like: ?
    I will check if I have the early or later style on it.
    So if I have to open the clutch system I will check if the steel plates are rusty.

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    Want to let you guys know that there was indeed some rust overall. Cleaned the steel and friction discs, paid a lot of attention to it. And it worked, clutch is better now. Let's say it's good. Thanks Jim.

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    This happens to my bike sometimes after I wash it and let it sit. I usually push the clutch in, rev the piss out of it and the plates come apart on their own.

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