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    Default Shovelhead jerking during cruise

    Hello Ya'll,

    New on here and looking for some insight.

    I have a shovel with 77 heads, S&S super stock, and super E.

    She had been running decent until I recently noticed that she was idling a little high and would idle for a couple minutes then just die.

    I checked the intake and saw that the seals were shot, maybe i overtightened them and the Arizona Heat is killer right now.

    I bought a tite seal kit and installed it. Bike is idling great and wont die even at a low rpm.

    My issue now is that the bike is pulling super hard but whenever i let off the throttle and try to keep it at constant speed she starts jumping and popping. Ive tried adjusting the super E but it wont see to go away. She just wants to go Hard!

    Is my intermediate jet running too lean now that I don't have a leak in the intake?

    Thanks in advance.

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    An intake leak will lean out your jetting. That is what makes them so dangerous. If not corrected, a stuck exhaust valve is the eventual result (or sometimes something worse). It's good that you caught that and corrected it.

    In steady state cruise, if the motor spits back through the carb, it's too lean, and that is usually the intermediate jet. On the other hand, at low speed cruise in high gear, if it wants to kind of buck or chain snatch, it's too rich, or timing is too high, or if it's got a lot of cam big overlap will fuck with the mixture.


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    What do your plugs look like???????? Pics are the way to go.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tattooo View Post
    What do your plugs look like???????? Pics are the way to go.......
    You know, a lot of people can read plugs without having to look at them!

    Have a happy 4th of July.

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