I was riding my 72 shovel back from Kernville CA Friday night when my bike turned off on the highway. The engine was smoking. I feared lack of oil due to a tiny pin hole leak, but my oil levels were normal. I let the bike cool a little.. I gave it a kick and compression was really high that I could barely kick it. After 2 kicks the pedal locked in places. I assumed the engine seized.
I pushed it off the highway. 25 min later from when the bike shut off.. I gave it another kick.. and it was able to kick through. But there was no compression at all. Took a spark plug out of the front cylinder and there was a tiny bit of compression, but not enough to pop my thumb out. No compression at all in the real cylinder. Pistons are coming up and down. I checked my pushrods and they are all good and spinning at their lowest point. What can be reason for lack of compression?