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    Sorry everyone for the late replies, and no update yet. I've been deployed on a ship and access the the internet is sketchy at best. I originally started this thread as a speculation of my problem that i had when i had to put my bikes in storage before I left about a year ago. ive had a friend go start all of em once but, im sure the pan will have a few more bugs to shake out than just fixing this oil issue once i finally get back to it. such a bummer when u got a solid bike thats dialed and then u gotta put it away w a problem for an unknown amount of time. anyways though, thanks for all the ideas, im sure that the solution has been posted in this thread, and you know that Ill update what it actually was when i can

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    Two things come to mind. once, on a car I replaced the f#@* oil filter with the exact same type/number filter, and then couldn't get oil pressure. Come to find out the filter itself was bad straight out the box. Auto parts desk man said they had quite a few complaints on em..Could be something as simple as that....second, depending on where you located the accessory filter, maybe it's too far, or too low, and causing the problem as maybe with the low pressure anyway, it can't push the oil up or far ??. Never had the problem on a bike just studying on it a bit.

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