Earlier this year a buddy sold me an 80 shovel and cowpie sitting in a drop seat frame. Most of the parts likely came from a FXWG, including the front end, motor, tranny and at least the rear wheel. The frame is an interesting piece, looks like a shovel frame with some work done to the neck (no numbers), with an aftermarket drop link section thats molded pretty well.

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Obviously no title, so I scooped up this titled 77 frame and had it stripped and powder coated black.

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A couple swap meets and some fleabay bargaining later it sits like this.

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Anyway Ill keep this updated as I finish the bike. I was hoping this community could help me with a few questions along the way

I have a fl style borg Wagner rear brake lever setup, and am wondering the best way to fix a peg to this. No floorboard mounts cause the frame is fx, so Im thinking just get a long bolt and put it out through the front bolt on the master cylinder?

Also, Im setting up a BDL kick only open belt of the 2 variety. Triple checked to make sure I got the right kit for the rotary top, spline/alternator crank. Trans is sitting on an adjustable plate. This belt is tight as hell and stupid hard to get on. Im installing the pulley and clutch basket at the same time with the belt on as suggested. Is there a better way? Longer bullseye belt?

Thanks yall