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    Default Sportster Regulator Compatibility

    I tried searching but didn't find anything specific to this. I have a hard-tailed '86 Sportster frame with a '96 883 motor. I lost or misplaced the original regulator so I picked one up from a 90s Sporty at a swap meet. Well, it's a little too wide for the frame. Not the end of the world, I could just use longer bolts to hold it in but I'd rather it fit flush in there like it's supposed to.

    Are all regulators from different year Sportsters functionally the same? I'm gonna run a fresh wiring harness so the plugs will likely get snipped off. Were the 86-87 ones just narrower?

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    looks like different part numbers:

    Cycle Elec#, HD Part#, Year(s)

    CE-205 74523-84A Late 1984-1990
    All XL Models With Battery Only
    CE-206 74523-91 1991
    All XL Models With Battery Only
    CE-207 74523-92A 1992-1993
    All XL Models With Battery Only
    CE-208 74523-94A 1994-2003
    All XL Models With Battery Only

    NOTE: they are all 200 series (Cycle Electric #s):

    All CE 200 series regulators (CE-203-CE-212) share the same internal circuitry. Each model has different wires and plugs to mate with a specific stock motorcycle.They are designed for use on 18 - 22 and amp systems.

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