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    Default Best turn signal to tail light conversion XL1200

    I'm looking for a kit to change my indicator stalks into tail light and indicators for UK use. Who makes the best one and does it come with a new rear loom? Looks like it should just clip onto the existing harness? Need the whole thing, stalks, lenses and loom.

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    What year is your 1200?
    got a factory wiring harness diagram to follow?
    what is the tail light/signal kit you are looking at?

    Got a pic or a link that shows the wiring so we know what you are trying to do? ?
    Does that kit say it meets UK regs?

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    I'm looking for the kit, not found anything yet, LED would be preferred, but anything tidy that gets the job done.

    It's a '93 1200. I'd like to take the tail light off and blank the hole then put the rear tail break and indicator on stalks where the current indicators are. The rear loom disconnects from the main harness under the seat with a white multi pin plug.

    Kit must comply with UK regs.

    Any recommendations
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