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    Default Fixed / cleaned clutch basket

    I have a 10 year old Warlord 3” open primary by Tauer Machine, with 38k on it. This primary is no longer offered, and parts are somewhat bastardized by the OEM with BDL Brute.
    I’ve had contact with the guy that used to make these, and have had good info where to find replacement parts. I recently bought a replacement clutch pack because it was slipping, I believed the clutch stack was showing worn below limits. Tauer said the minimum stack height was 1.82”...the new clutch pack was 1.78” and continued to slip. I added another .49 steel, and it would not disengage clutch. So...I removed the .49 steel, added shim washers under their shoulder bolt head that maintains pressure at the diaphragm spring, .05”. Took it for a ride and runs great.

    My thoughts are...the diaphragm spring may be weak?
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