1984 FXSB with dual plugged OEM heads, S&S 80" jugs, Dyna 2000i ignition, Python Pipes, Hydraulic Lifters, Super E and that's all I know about this engine. I do not know unfortunately the inner products in this engine.

- The timing is set to the very left edge of the window.
- Primary side plugs are NGK ZGR5C.
- Carb Side NGK UR5.
- All plugs gapped .030.
- 2000i set to Curve 3.
- No VOES.

All I know of carb settings at this point is the idle mixture set at 2.5 turns out. I haven't played with it at all yet. Haven't pulled the bowl.

Engine runs great low-mid. Fires up without a fuss cold and hot. Very responsive. However, once I get up towards 3/4-WOT bike feels "fat". No lean bog, no popping, just fat. Lots of vibes and not much GO if I can describe it best. Fuel mileage doesn't seem that good either. Always been like this as I try not to push it, and riding like a "grandpa" the bike performs just fine. However, it is nice to crack the throttle now and then. Clutch seems to be grabbing OK.

I'd ASSUME the main jet is a bit fat. Yes, I need to do a plug chop. I have new plugs on the way.

Here are pics from a bit back when I pulled the plugs for the first time since I bought it. (Short reach plugs are the carb side, orientation is exactly as it would be sitting on bike with the left side plugs in the photo being the front of the motorcycle, yes that rear primary side plug is a bit wet/oily... maybe a leaky valve guide).

I replaced them, just because, and rode a couple days of regular riding. No WOT plug chops. Bike still seems "fat" up top with no crisp PULL.

As for the plugs though what do you think? Obviously they had some miles on them.

When the new plugs come in I will gap them all .030 and do a WOT plug chop and post back.