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    Default Axle spacing help

    92 Sportster 1200 if that matters. Did a front brake removal and curious about the front axle spacing. Have the manual but the factory spacing doesn't work anymore since i have no speedo and no front brake. Is the spot of the axle where it gets thicker supposed to sit directly against the wheel spacer? Just looks off not having a spacer sit right up against the fork. I'd appreciate any help and if this description is hard to understand i can grab pictures later on.

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    If your speedo was cable driven from the front wheel, then you will need a spacer that same length as the speedo drive. Or, you can just leave the speedo drive there. If your speedo was electronically driven from the trans, then the spacing of your front wheel doesn't change when you take the rotor and caliper off. Yes, the fat part of the axle acts as a spacer on one side of the wheel. Make sure to tighten the axle in the correct sequence. Once it's in there, tighten the axle nut first. You may have to stick a screwdriver or punch through the hole in the axle. Then get on the bike and bounce the front suspension a few times, then tighten the axle cap on the fork.

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    Thanks man. Just wanted to make sure. It's been months since I tore it apart and it just looked a little bit off. I really appreciate your reply. I got it dialed in.

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