Trying to get the ergonomics right on my 84' Low Rider. I am 5'7" 160 lbs. Currently have drag bars on 4.5" pullback risers. Mid controls which I recently converted to have been a huge improvement over the aftermarket forward controls. I run either a LePera slim seat or a Mustang Regal depending on the length of the destination.

My problem is I get mid-upper back pain relatively easy with this setup. I find I have to lean in a bit too much and low which is probably the reason for the pain. I love the look of drag bars personally but if I have to completely change things to combat the pain I will.

Oddly enough, my old bike, a 1977 Sportster, had narrow H bars and I felt comfy as hell on that bike.

Should I try taller 8.5" pullback risers?

I rode a bike once that had buckhorns and they felt super comfy.... not the biggest fan of the look but buckhorns are cheap enough to try.

As the bike stands now:

Here is the setup my Sportster had which was comfy as hell! Probably because it was a smaller motorcycle...