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    Default Lithium battery over-discharge protection

    Hi guys

    I've been using Antigravity batteries for my Honda Shadow for a while, and love em for their weight size and power. Only major problem is that if they ever overdischarge, they become (Expensive) trash. Fixing the circuits that cause the battery to drain completely aside.. does anything exist that can cutoff the battery from the circuit if the voltage drops below a certain level? It looks like something exists, but they seem to need to draw power to work. I need something that keeps the battery from dropping below the critical level passively, while it's parked, not running. I have a good understanding of electrical and circuits, but can't wrap my head around this one. Anyone?

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    A zener diode holding a power transistor conducting until the voltage drops below the zenner value is old school. Now it's much easier and adjustable.

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