Okay, looked around and didnt see much directly addressing this. So, see these forks?

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Apparently these are 41mm HD forks, came on quite a few models and years, but here is where I am going.
On vintage style street trackers, the original 50s and 60s bikes had pretty crappy suspension. Most people who race keep the frame and the engine and run better suspension.
(What the rules allow.. IE:Travel is a major sticking point)

So what was popular were Betor and Cerrani forks. They made several configurations and sizes, as well as dirt-off road and road racing.

The HD wide glide 41mm look like the cerrani road race forks. Now Cerrani did make bigger forks than the old standard 35mm forks but rare and hard to find. As well as $$$$$$$

So looking online I see upgraded springs, Race tech cartridges and some other parts, But with so many big twins parted out, It might make a cool upgrade for a street tracker. There is variables of course, setting up trees and wheels and brakes, But anyone seen other builders using modern Forks like this to get that vintage look but much better performance???

Seems many think the Yamaha R6 Forks are the best out there, but the word is out and they often sell quick, But they dont have that classic look either. I admit fashion does not over rule function, But looking for options with the right look but affordable performance.

*Clearly redialing in a vintage bike weight, rebound and damping vs a Bagger with yer old lady and all your luggage notwith standing.

Anyrate...looking for input.