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    Default Rubber/glue used to shield hot wire in controls?

    So Iíve installed a new turn signal module to run low wattage LEDs on my 94 FXD, and for whatever reason the turn signal switch input needs an earth feed rather than a live one as in the factory configuration.

    Iíve desoldered the live on the turn signal switch and sealed it, and then run a new earth into the harness to the switch and itís all working great but there was a blob of rubber glue of some sort on the soldered joint before to shield the live.

    Not that itís really needed but in case I ever switch it back... whatís the substance used in this case?

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    There are lots of those compounds out there just look through an electronics catalog. But if there is any chance you might need to remove it I would suggest Dow Corning 732 silicone. Tough, good insulator, lasts a long time out of the sun, Easily removed with a gasoline rag.

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    Perfect, thanks for the info.

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    There's a product called "Liquid Electrical Tape" used in marine applications. Comes with a brush in the cap. Takes a couple coats to make good insulation.

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