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    Default Wiring - am I close?

    I'm chopping up an 02 Sporty 1200 and getting to the wiring. I bought a Cycle Visions chopper harness, seems pretty straightforward. But...I tweaked it a bit and want to know if I'm in the ball park. Not running turn signals or anything extra.

    Attached is what I'm thinking. Two questions..
    1. Ignition Module wiring. What to do with two wires: White/Black and Light Gray/Gray.
    2. Do I have the Ignition Module, Voltage Regulator, and VOES wired right?

    I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chopper Wiring 2.jpg  

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    Not familiar with the harness you have or if it uses factory colors or their own, but as far as the two wires to the module, I am thinking they go to the ignition pickup. You should have two wires coming out of the ignition cone. These should go to the module. If cycle visions has a diagram or instructions for the harness, I would compare that with the stock wiring harness. As said many times in this forum, if you don't have one do yourself a favor and get a factory service manual. Also, as mentioned, you do have a "bank angle sensor" designed to kill the bike when it's on its side. Good luck.
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    WillSCB - Thanks for the quick response.
    The pic I included is actually a scan of the company's diagram. Their colors match the diagram out of the Haynes manual (I added the VOES, Voltage Regulator, and Ignition Module to the picture and thats my dillema.)
    I got a Haynes manual, used the wiring diagrams in it to get this far. Maybe the Service Manual would help more.
    thanks agin.

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    This thread is a great resource for re-wiring an evo XL in addition to the factory manual.

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    I'm doing the same job on a 2000 1200.....Lets just saying I'm wiring illiterate for lack of a better term..I can't answer your question but was hoping you could answer one of my many lol..Where exactly is your ign. module located...Im hearing under the seat and im also hearing in the cam shaft cover...Anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated..

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    Ignition module is behind cam shaft over. Theres a pigtail coming out of the cover with a plug. I can shoot you a picture of the pigtail if you need. I have it off to change out the oil pump lines.

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    I think the white/black is switched power into the module, and should be connected at the coil to the white/black post (switched 12V ).
    The grey wire I think is for the roll over switch but I'm not sure on your '02, because at some point I thought they integrated the roll over switch into the module.

    You need a FACTORY wiring diagram, and trace the wires, same as it ever was.


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