How are you cats listening to music on your bikes?

I used to use a set of skullcandy earbuds circa 2009, but they are long gone, and they put pressure in my ears under my helmet anyway.

I bought a set of new, fancy "active noise cancelling" earbuds last year, but they turned into a bit of a fail when I realized the ANC actually amplified direct wind noise so it sounded like a US flag was whipping in my ears constantly. Whoops. The things fell apart on me after 6 months anyway. Junk.

So now I'm on the hunt for a new alternative. Since I got a new bluetooth MP3 player, bluetooth phones would be the cat's pajamas. Probably safer that way too.

I've got two 8-10 hour rides coming up this summer and I know for a fact I'm gonna need a way to get some BÍC up in here.