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    Default Democrat Primary.

    I think this race is Bernie's to lose..

    Amy Klobochar (or whatever) excites nobody. She's not a leader. Nobody can see her sitting down with Putin or Xi, let alone beating Trump on a debate stage. I dunno why she's still in the race, to be honest about it?

    Joe Biden is cratering and it will only get worse. He is exactly the scenario that led to the 25th Amendment.

    Mayor Pete is a Mayor of a failed city and black people hate him and treat him akin to stepping in dog poo. The black vote isn't optional if you are a democrat. You can't just wave it off. You gotta have it and you got to have a lot of it. Nobody woke up today and said to themselves: "You know, I really wish the rest of the country looked more like South Bend Indiana..."

    Mike Bloomberg may not be very well known on the left, but he is on the right. This guy is everything they said Trump was, times approximately 61 Billion. He's an arrogant, cosmopolitan, snob. A total, flaming hypocrite. An authoritarian asshole.. <- And those are his good qualities. Once he gets vetted? It's OVER. Even his mom wouldn't vote for that jackass. Joe Biden has a problem with "gaffes" Which are mistakes one makes while speaking. Bloomberg has the opposite problem - He's a fucking asshole and it shows every time he speaks.. There is no mistake here, just his base personality coming out.

    Liz Warren is like some leathery winged creature from Jurassic Park that lands on the hood of your car and makes high pitched noises at you through the windshield. She's a serial liar and a hypocrite, and she's too entwined with Industry and Finance for a lot of dem base voters. She is also nuts. Her most recent proposal was (serious!) to find a Transgender Child and give them veto power over her education secretary. This is probably a good strategy if you want to be President of Twitter. But she can't beat Trump.

    And that leaves Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders will become unstoppable once Liz drops and he consolidates the lion's share of her support.

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    From where I sit it looks like a pretty accurate description of the pack.

    Before I go to far I want to hear "Little Mike" on stage, does he come off as a dufus, will he release his taxes, is he Trump 2.0 or the Anti-Trump. That is to be seen.

    I don't know enough about Mayor Pete, he ran for and won an election in an already failed city, did he make it any better or worse, that is the question. I don't think he is ready for prime time, but then the younger white, educated voters love him almost as much as Bernie.

    Your depiction of Warren is so spot on I actually laughed out loud here in the office, got lots of looks too, lol.

    And Bernie, well most of what he says will never make it through congress, even if the Dems were to win both houses. The real question is can he hold his own against Trump?

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    I agree with you about Bernie's policies.. Most of them will be DOA regardless who runs Clowngress.

    Which kind of begs the question: Why are they so scared of him?

    Conventional wisdom holds that they're scared he'll lose.. But if they hate his policies so bad and think they're so toxic, why would they care?

    That was supposed to be what happened with Trump, and the party establishment announced they would "rebuild" the party following his disastrous loss to Hillary.

    I think they're scared he will win.

    Democrats have zero respect for Donald Trump. I mean, none. They think anyone can beat him, any day of the week..

    So.. What's the deal with Bernie?

    I think they fear:

    1) Hearing a President espouse these ideas on the world stage.. The dem establishment are a bunch of hypocrites. They talk about "income inequality" and the plight of the working Joe, but they aren't about to redistribute their own wealth to make it happen. No Way.

    2) Hearing Bernie harp about this for 4 years will expose them as phonies who talk a good game, then pay their base in PEZ when it comes time to make policy.

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    Pretty much. Functioning democracies have more than two parties but Americans are gullible, stupid, ignorant and fiercely proud of it so Demublicans and Repocrats will ratfuck third parties to mutual benefit then fight each other on social issues while eating lobbyist anus.

    Because all but five or six (and I'm not sure about the other four or five) Americans don't think analytically and vote by emotion like teenage girls we get what we get. Our public hate doing their civic duty to be informed on domestic and foreign issues.

    Our government sucks because most of the American people CHOOSE to suck. They know how every hair on their favorite football players scrotum is aligned and/or memorized the Kardashians life history but resent the idea they should take interest in serious subjects.

    I don't agree with Sanders but the Demublicans (their history is much more than current events) HATE any threat to their power structure at least as badly as the GOP hated Trump before he won and they fought to mob his knob.

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    I am enjoying the circular firing squad Bernie's got a little momentum and he has a path to the nomination and Bloomberg wants the rest to drop out so he can get enough delegates to keep up with Bernie.

    Bernie as a nominee is a nightmare come true for the dumbocRATS they hate him. I am unenrolled in my state so I'm going to vote for him.

    As much as I'd love to see Trump destroy my fake Indian senator Pocahontas who unfortunately has a 1/1024 chance of winning the White House which is the same ratio as her Cherokee blood. HA!

    Trump versus Bernie is going to be great

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    The debates were a joke, a circus complete with a clown lineup. I tried to watch it simply because I was curious how Bloomfuck would carry himself, but only made it less than 30 minutes. None of them have a chance in hell.

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