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    Default 1977 Sportster clutch compression plate

    Ok so the problem Iím having is actually being able to compress the plate itself. Iíve bought the necessary tool I believe but canít figure it out because when I look at the tool used in the manual they are slightly different. Also the compression spring is different than stock I did some research and it seems to be an after market spring that eliminates the use of the stock double spring if that makes any sense. With that being said I donít know if something is missing but any help or advice would be very helpful in these trying times.
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    One spring, two springs doesn't matter. Attach the tool to two holes for the primary bolts on the case, and use the center screw to compress the spring and outer plate. You will have to move it around so the studs will pass through the holes and you can get the nuts started.
    It does take some force to compress that spring.


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    If you don't have a longer breaker bar then use a piece of pipe over your ratchet handle (if the ratchet strips it was crap anyway, this won't bother any decent 3/8" drive ratchets). I have a wide collection of cheater pipes including old fork tubes.

    Alternate option, large deepwell sockets fit over ratchet handles and you can use extensions to make that socket into any length cheater you want.

    Alternate alternate option, a large enough box end wrench to fit over the handle makes a more awkward cheater bar.

    Spring requires X amount of force. How you apply that is up to you.
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    I made a 3-point system when I done the clutch on my ‘77. I first made something similar to your pic. However when starting to really put some pressure on the plate, it wasn’t going down evenly. So with my Jerry-rigged 3point plate compressor, I was able to turn each of the three nuts down on the all-thread to get the plate nuts started.

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    Thanks for all the help guys.

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    this is how i did it on my 74. version 1 of this i tried to tap middle and use a big bolt to compress the plate but the square tube wasnt strong enough it started to bend out instead of push the spring in. version 2 worked fine just tightening each side down a little bit at a time it didn't take a ton of force. putting it back on it was compressing at an angle so i put the circular plate from a shovelhead clutch tool in between the tube and the clutch plate. that worked really well to compress it evenly
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