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    Default 87 evo hardtail build

    So I just picked this bike up. For the last couple of years Iíve wanted to find a basket case evo to hardtail and build. I found this 87 on Craigslist and bought the bike sight unseen. The kid that was selling it was saying the only thing really wrong with it was it needed a starter. I didnít know going into it that the 86-90 models were much different than 91-03 I figured Iíd snag it because it came stock chain driven. When I went to pick it up I realized that there was quite a bit more than just the starter. The right side controls were gone clutch lever was broken. Wiring was a mess. I talked him down another 300$ and ended up getting it for $900 the funds were held that I had sent him to save it for me he was kind of a jerk about it saying I agreed to $1200 but he ultimately let it go. I got it home and first thing I wanted to take care of was the controls so I ordered a pivot stud and 86 oem foot pegs. I also ordered a starter. The bike has good compression and I do believe once I get the starter installed it should fire up. Itís a mess but since Iím going to be chopping it stripping it all down and replacing almost everything Iím pretty happy with the deal and stoked to get started on it. Iíll be posting pics of of progress and parts coming Iím hoping to get it built in before May 1st so weíll see.
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