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The problem with the fires in both Australia and California, isn't how they get started. It's because it's drier there than it was in the recent past. Because of climate change, it doesn't rain there as much as it used to. The weather patterns have changed. No amount of raking the forest floor is going to make the trees hold more moisture when there isn't any.

Yes, climate changes on it's own. The vast deserts of the middle east were at one time swamps. All that life that was in those swamps is what turned into all that oil. The very place where I sit (west end of Lake Erie) was covered by a glacier a mere 12,000-15-000 years ago. And 300 years ago the are was known as the great black swamp. Many early settlers died of malaria from the mosquitoes. Man drained the swamp, and now it's a lot of farmland and towns and cities.

But, mankind is causing the climate to change at an accelerated rate. One of the things that used to make me skeptical was trading in carbon credits. Just another scheme for rich people to get richer. But I've come around. The one thing I never hear anyone talk about is the root cause of mankind producing all that CO2. It's overpopulation. There are too many of us on the planet. We won't do anything about it. Nature, however, will.

I will continue to pray for the people, flora and fauna of Australia.
That's the truth right there...