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    Default Haifley Hardtail Oil Bag Options

    So I had Haifley Bros weld my hard tail on my 86 Sportster, and a few months later they stopped carrying motorcycle parts. They handed everything over to Throttle Addiction which as of now, still shows out of stock on their site.

    I'm finally closing in on finishing up my build within the next few months and I'm wondering if anyone on here has used any other horseshoe-style oil bags on Haifley hard tails with success. Ideally, Throttle Addiction gets their inventory back up and I can just buy the Haifley one, but if worse comes to worst, I'd like to have a plan B. I don't like pill-style oil tanks so I really want to stick to a horseshoe one.


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    you could try led sled customs and see what they offer. Pat fabs the products in house rather than just being a parts store so can probably accommodate your needs

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