So a friend purchased a local Triumph that has some history and looking for information on its past, most of which has been lost to time. I am unclear on all the details, But in the 1960s the bike was ridden around Portland and possibly raced. The owner ended up in Vietnam, One version is he didnt come back and someone else took over the project, another is he did return from the war and customized the bike. (Not sure)
Some indications are it was hot rodded and perhaps farmed out to a shop for some of the work, or perhaps it was a DIY project.
It DOES have a Connolly Cams badge on the timing cover. Connolly was a well known tuner and cam grinder as well as known in racing circles.

I heard he also raced at Bonneville salt flats, I heard several stories about him but dont know a lot other than at one time he was highly respected for his tuning, engine building and custom cam grinds, some of which were copied by other well known cam grinders.

I have seen a number of Triumphs with these badges and have some specs on some of his grinds, I am unsure if he ground cams for other makes and models or focused exclusively on Triumphs.

** If Someone has a definitive history/Bio on Connolly would love to hear it or point me to a source.

The bike in the last few years has changed hands after sitting for many years, sadly time has taken its toll but its still in amazing period condition and the new owner wants to respect its past history and heritage. Any help on provenance and history will be appreciated. I am including the last picture which is just amazing. While the bike originated in Portland, it ended up in Southern Oregon and on the return trip he spotted this store,, seeing an epic photo opportunity and a keen eye, He stopped and took this photo in front of the "Thunderbird". Highly appropriate.

If you dont understand the relevance, I cant help much

Here are some pics.

- color pics from after Vietnam

(From what I remember a buddy helped him paint it after the war) looked real good all polished up.

- b&w pre Vietnam

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