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    Default Joe Hunt Cam Drive gear in Morris

    I just wanted to post this info because I couldnít find a ton of information when I was looking to replace my Morris Cam Drive gear in my Morris MM74L magneto.

    The locating pin in my Morris gear had sheared off and I didnít have the right tools to extract it without bothering my gear. I do live about 15 minutes from Joe Hunt though so I was hoping the gear from their #1296 Mag would fit. I was able to talk to someone on the phone and he confirmed that it would work.

    The Hunt gear is a taller piece and made up of three parts pressed and welded together. Itís a cheaper and possibly more stout option for your Morris gear.

    TL/DR - you can use a Hunt Cam Drive gear from the #1296 mag in a Morris MM74L mag
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 6EF83882-7D3A-4447-87C2-E8EB2D7409D4.jpg   8392B022-8ACD-4572-8F55-8CFC12F165F9.jpg   EA53ACDF-1EA8-436B-AD22-CB53DD1B737B.jpg   AFADDAEF-4E91-4ADA-9011-D4C162DA690C.jpg   7BA05BCA-E3F4-462B-AFAA-B512C7C2E1C0.jpg  

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