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    Default Rubber Motorcycle that does not Ground

    After finding shorts and pulling hair I found a article here written by billdozer ,Evo Sporty Rewire[Reduced to Essentials]....So I get brave and start . Get switches,30 amp breakers etc relocated all testing good with battery off bike using small jumper cables for testing .Until I loose my ground point,I reconnect it[test light/muliti] everywhere.NoGo.I inspect light test it on other vehicles and it works fine.Car battery is 15 amps and bike battery is 13 amps.I bring in car battery ,it will not Ground on motorcycle either.In desperation I drive a Stake into the ground with a copper wire and pour water on tires and dirt floor.This is defying all rule of nature like the bike has turned to rubber and with out ground I can not work on it.Any good suggestions??

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    Make a ground strap going from your rear rubber mount to the frame somewhere.

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