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    Default Simple clutch lever for newer harleys

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    I recently put together for sale a batch of simple clutch levers to use on modern Harleys with ring style terminal cables using repop early style ironhead/shovel clutch levers.* Gimme a shout to purchase one 843-926-3216. Great way to clean up your bars if your ditching the electrical housing and not running a front brake on your evo or later sporty and big twin chops.

    Although they are for sale im just passing on the How to for anyone who wanted to make there own if you have a lathe and are interested in doing it yourself.

    Basically all you need to do is make 2 bushings with 3 tiers that step down.* Not gonna say exact dimensions cause tolerances vary on the old repop perches/levers but basically I take .625" rod of brass and step it down to roughly .500" to catch the hole in the perch then step it down to around .430" to pass through the ring terminal. Two of those sandwiched with a bolt and there ya go. Some brand of the repop levers are a little different and dont work inless you file out some material in the perch to let the pointer side of the ring terminal to a rest. I'm using the dixies.

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    Simple, clean, looks great!

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    Excellent fucking idea! It's also perfect for late five speed conversions on Shovels because it saves fabbing custom clutch cables.

    A slight radius would make the exposed edge of the top flange look even sexier. Some emery cloth backed by a file would be easier than another turning operation.

    I don't know what he's asking for them but those without lathe experience should note they take more work to make than it might appear. Mass produced parts are cheap by the thousands, not in low volume.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks Farmall. Im asking $100 shipped which will include the perch and lever, bushings and stainless hardware. I also added a 3rd bushing to snug up the fit where the cable housing end rest at the perch.

    They are half the price of the higher end units so i think they are a good option to have for folks to choose from. Definitely not hard to make if you have the lathe and desire to do so, but for those that want a convenient bolt on solution I think it's fair.

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    Nice item and good looking solution to a common issue.

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