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    Default Radiator Fill cap / thermostat relocate

    I'm choppin a VN800. I've replaced the stock tank with a smaller tank. I'm in the process of relocating the filler cap / thermostat as it originally sat under the stock tank and there is no room for it in it's original place. Mounting it where I want is no problem but I'm having an issue getting the radiator hose routed.

    Any ideas from guys that have already been this route? Post pics if ya got em.


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    Like a lot of guys with custom VN800s and small tanks, I'm not running a thermostat. I found a 1" straight inline rad filler on ebay.

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    Bad ass bike! I wasn't aware of that option. I'm learning and having a good time with it. Appreciate the help. Got any more pics of the bike?

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    Here ya go:

    If you're up for investing the time to go all the way through this thread there's a ton of useful information in there about modifying a VN800.

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    The Kawasaki 1500 in 2004 had a great Radiator fill/thermostat unit that was compact and you can locate it where you want it.

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