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    Default Suzuki GS750 Hardtail

    Hey guys so got a newbie question. Just picked up a 77 gs750 for cheap that the previous owner hardtailed . The welds are terrible but can be cleaned up my question is is there a way to tell if the frame is straight withought a jig. I dont want to sink money in if its not worth trying to save. Thanks for any input i will try and post picks when i figure out how to.
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    Looks like the original front section has not been altered, and the axle plate adjusters are from the original swingarm welded in there - is it?

    First level the frame, get the rear wheel straight by measuring from a known point on the original frame (rear engine mount location) then use a long straightedge (2x4 or 8' fluorescent light tubes, or a laser) to check alignment between back and front tires.

    Run a string line from from the neck, down the backbone to the rear tire.

    Have a good visual look as well, as the frame may be bent somewhere else, which may not be detected while checking weldon hardtail.

    Draw a long straight line on your concrete floor to check center of the bike from the the front tire, the neck, front engine mount location, rear engine mount location, and rear axle/tire; block frame so it is level to do this. If you have a laser, get creative.

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    Thanks first hardtail build and judging by the welding done on it im not to confident in P.O fab skills

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