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    Default Shovelhead oil pump question

    Grettings all, this is my first post. I did some searching here, and this looks like a great forum to be in.

    I have a 1974 shovel, with a few mods, its a stroker with truet and osborn wheels, over bore, and andrews cams. Its a rat bike, but its a blast. I have had it 20 + years, and with a lot of maintenance, its been a hell of a reliable bike.

    I have searched quite a bit on this problem, and I have not seen anyone else describe this one. I have no oil coming out of my port on the oil pump for the primary.

    I run a total loss primary, I do not return any oil from the primary, as it keeps the gunk from returning to my system. However, I do feed it from the oil pump still.

    I should convert to a wet clutch, and seal the primary, but that is another project.

    Until then, I would like to figure out whats up with the pump.

    I do have the factory dummy light hooked up on the dash, and it is functioning.

    Has anyone seen this before?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I believe on a '74, the primary oil is metered by a hole in the breather valve. It passes through the oil pump, but the pump doesn't really have anything to do with it.


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