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    Default Why does my bike just not feel, solid?

    My bike (modified 2002 Sportster ) just does not feel solid at higher speeds 65 +.
    I have checked all the obvious things, neck bearings, wheel bearings, I had the rear wheel recently re-aligned and put new tires on it.
    It is 6 over with stock rack and I run narrow h bars but, I see guys riding that setup and running highway speeds with no issues.

    Is there anything else I should check or try?

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    Your courage, naw with 6 over and stock rake your riding high. If 19" or taller front wheel, that also figures in.

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    Some people aren't as comfortable riding on the edge as others are......

    I've never been afraid of riding anything...... But some of those jacked up bikes sure look stupid to me..........

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    I don't totally understand all there is to know about rake, but if he is running a 6 over does that not change his rake? Just saying, plus doesn't that change the center of gravity on the bike, and add more weight to the rear end, which in turn lightens the front end, which can equate to a wobbly front end, try leaning forward at speed and see if it feels more solid, if it does I would slide those 6 overs up through the trees a bit to put some more weight forward, however; if you are dead set on that extended front end then you may have to live with it, its kind of like putting slammer shocks on a bike then complaining about the harsh ride, if you want a cool looking bike there will be trade offs.

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    I don't know, something sounds off there. I don't think trouble at speed can reasonably be attributed to the 6 overs.

    I've got 12 overs on a stock rake 2000 Sportster, and it became noticeably more solid at speed. No hands at 80mph no trouble. I've run the 12 overs with 10.5" struts, 13.5" stock shocks and currently have 15" Progressives in the rear. The 10.5" struts made the angle very extreme, but it still rode rock solid at anything over a crawl. Hell, there was a kid on here with 16" overs and slammers on the rear, and he said it rode fine. Low speed stuff is certainly more demanding than with a stock front end.

    Is your wheel known to be true?
    Mag or spokes?
    Frame is straight?
    Tires balanced?
    Swingarm bearings good?
    What about your forks? Proper amount of fluid, good springs, preload etc.
    What kind of tires? In my experience, Speedmasters or similar "vintage" tires do not hold the road well at all.

    Could you elaborate any on what the bike is doing to feel not solid? I think this is a problem that can be solved.

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    My '98 rigid mount with 6 overs and 21" front wheel tracks perfectly straight and stable over 20 mph, 'look ma no hands' kinda stable. Even on twisty roads in the Rockies she handled 60 mph sweepers with just one hand on the bars. Have you checked your swingarm... if you have spoked wheels have you checked them to ensure all spokes are tight? Those things are often neglected/overlooked.
    I included the time stamp in the URL of the link above so it should take you to the correct part of the vid.

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