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    Default Stand/fixture for Indian Chief and similar (HD TC, some Enfield) transmissions

    This one is for my bros '39 Chief and beats chasing the gearbox around the workbench. It's made from generic engine stand parts. The orange head was left over from me using its base elsewhere. It worked perfectly to hold the casting while using a brass drift to remove the seal retainer and will be even more handy for assembly and nut tightening. Related tool pics to follow as we assemble the box.

    It's quick and easy, just match up casting holes to slots and drill additional holes as needed.

    WARNING: The Chief transmission mount lugs are NOT precisely on the same plane (at least these weren't) so torque only enough to hold the casting in place!
    Not sure if warped since I'm not an Indian guru or if just casual machining.

    Clamp fixture in your bench vise and you can rotate the gearbox as needed for convenience. Twinkie and Enfield gearboxes use similar transmission casting designs.

    Engine stands are so cheap I use them for many jobs. That head on a base plate could be bolted or clamped to a stout workbench, held in a tristand chain vise, or whatever's handy.

    Info request:
    I'm helping my mentor who is 80 and hasn't much energy finish his "birthday year" bike. Any tips or links relevant to assembling a '39 Chief transmission and primary drive would be greatly appreciated. It's likely the last bike he'll build and I'd like to see him ride it while he still can. The Kiwi tranmission video on Youtube is decent but more info is better. I've never done a Chief primary so other than obvious primary stuff that's new to me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chief gearbox holder.jpg  
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