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    The heavy duty pushbuttons are kind of long in back. Rubber boots exist for most of them to protect the whole back end but I forget if there's one for that. I'd just use heat shrink.

    Dielectric grease on the screw threads is a good way to prevent moisture intrusion.

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    I have two on my bike. A real small button (size of an M&M) and one on the solenoid in case the button fails which it did
    The button is mounted under the pan under my seat and is out of sight. It's nice to have a back up just in case.

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    I had a small one like that. Mounted to a hole in the frame. Wires grounded out in the frame and was a beyotch to figure out why bike was F'd. You got a pic of how yours is set up? I like the idea, and size of the button.

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