I have searched here, but haven't found exactly what I need. I figured I would throw this out to y'all since you have helped me through my other issues.

I have a mid 90's Evo in a Kraft Tech hard tail frame. It is wired so a key turns the power on and then a momentary switch engages the starter.

I recently took the tank off to fit a new tank on it. So, I fit up the new tank, turn the key and bike just clicks several times and then all power is out. So, I figure I have a wire that is grounding out somewhere. I take the tank off, get a bore scope and check all of the wires that run down the inside of the top tube of the frame. Sure as shit, there is a bare wire in there. So, I pull that wire (and all of the other others) out of the frame, rewire them (solder and shrink tube) and wire it back up.

Now when I turn the key and push the start button there is one click and then no power at all. I thought maybe the push button was shorting out, but I tested it with an ohm meter and it appears to be working correctly. There are two automatic circuit breakers that I am thinking may be suspect, so that is what I will replace next. Then I am going to check the relay, but that is buried in behind the primary and I might have to flip the bike upside down (BMX style) to get in there.

I am really thinking the starter relay is bad, I am reasonably sure the wire that was grounding out ran from the hot side of the fuse block, down the neck, and then to the relay. When I push the button and the whole thing goes dead, if I wait a day and come back, it will have power and I can try again which leads me to think it is a circuit breaker that resets itself over time. I am not sure if a bad relay will reset itself over time.

Anyway, I am going to keep tinkering with it and see if I can track down the issue. If anyone has any ideas or questions, throw them out there.

Thanks in advance