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    Default Custom built by me for me someone help me

    So thanks for reading my post first off. I recently finished the bike I always wanted to build. I'm stumped at my handling characteristics. To me my setup and geometry should have rendered an awsome ride, but it don't. I've exhausted all my avenues and need some input from outside my circle. I've taken a straight leg rigid 4 speed shovel frame. Put a 113ci evo motor with a Delkron 5sp all wet and chain to the rear sprocket. 16 inch rear mag with 19 inch front solid mag thin. Matching Dunlops and disk front and rear. 63mm inverted front forks 4" over stock. Frame rake is 32 deg and tripple clamps are raked 2 deg with an 1 1/2" off set and drag bars with fatbobs. All that said my trail is 3.75" tore alignment and centering is perfect as is my Fall away on steering stem bearings. Bike is great except front end feels light and allmost over sensitive. No wobble but like my front tire is razor thin or ice road riding. Don't know why can anyone help?

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    can you post a few pics? include a side view.

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    does it feel more solid at speed or does it feel awkward all the time? I do find that super skinny front tyres (particularly avon safety mileage) are a bit wayward at low speed and like to track any imperfections in the road.

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    You have given a good description and your answer is there. Increase your trail to the 4.5 inch range, probably by getting rid of the raked trees, and the bike should steady up nicely.


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    I agree with getting rid of the raked trees... IMO forks that aren't parallel with the steering axis cause odd steering characteristics. Raking should be done at the headstock.

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    Jim that was my thoughts as well. 4.75 would be my trail without the tripple tree rake. Just so happends I have an extra set of zero rake I p.u at a swap meet. Its going to put my ride higher up front and kickstand will be short but its worth it if it works out.

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    Ok so I swapped out those raked trees for standard and away with my issues. That was the problem hands down runs out like a jewel. Awsome site thanks for all the input everyone and a special one for Jim. I'm a happy guy

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