The bike in question is an '89 XL1200, with a CV carb (carb is from a '99 touring model according to serial number)

I recently removed my carb and cleaned some old gummed up gas from the jets and the accelerator pump. When I went to install and adjust the throttle cables but I cant get the throttle cam to rotate fully to touch the stop boss. The cables are motion pro and supposed to be for my year range sportster. With the adjuster fully maxed out in length I'm still about .25" away from contacting the stop boss which would mean I'm not getting the throttle plate fully opened at WOT at the handle bars.

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One of the first things suggested to me was having the wrong cable guide bracket on the carb. I looked up the part number for the cable guide bracket for my year range sportster and it looks like it matches the part I have (27316-88). Here is the bracket I have:

Though there seems to be carbs with the other bracket style that are being marked as stock on ebay. This one is a 27486-92B which would have been the stock carb for the XL1200 in my 88-95 year range, and it has the other cable bracket:Click image for larger version. 

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I took the cables off and measured the amount of inner cable sticking out from the outer with the adjuster fully collapsed and it is right at the length specified by motion pro - 5.25" so I dont think its a defective cable. I checked the specs on Barnett throttle cables as well and they have the same travel spec'd.

Does anyone have a fully stock carb on their bike of a similar year that can confirm which bracket you have, or do you guys think that having that bracket would allow the cables to be adjusted correctly? I was also contemplating buying a FXR cable from a similar year that would thread into my controls but have a shorter travel length.