Apparently it re-engineers oiling for the top end and oils similar to an automobile.

The Part:

The claims:
Shovelhead owners, "clean up your act," with JIMSŪnewvalve train kit. This totally re-engineered valve train kitwill enable you to oil your Shovelhead top end like anEVO.

You can remove your top end oil lines because oilis fed through JIMSŪproven Powerglide tappets, thenup through work saver pushrods into JIMSŪRollerRocker Arms. Tappets maintain oil pressure better, andthey improve the lubrication because oil is now pressur-ized through the points of contact.

Oil pressure to thetop end is controlled just like the proven EVO oil system.This kit comes with super special Powerglide™ tappets with an EVO style pushrod seat, special worksaver pushrods, chrome tappet blocks, two tappet block gaskets, and an easy to follow instruction sheet