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    Default How to save your cases from damage.

    When you buy a used bike or engine and tear it down for a rebuild use a bottoming tap and compressed are on all of your case covers threaded holes.
    Here is why. Most people use some type of gasket sealer to keep oil from dripping out where the covers meet the engine cases.
    Without fail that sealer is pushed down into the threaded hole and eventually the hole will become artificially shallower.

    When a proper length bolt is threaded in the hole and torqued (as if some people own or use a torque wrench) the hydraulic forces applied to the accumulated sealant against the bolt/screw will break the engine casting bosses which is an expensive fix if done right without the use of good old JB Weld which will eventually fail. Fix it right or you will get a visit from the angry Sportster gods.

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    Most hardware stores don't sell bottoming taps but industrial suppliers like MSC, McMaster-Carr and Fastenal do. Of course best prices are online.

    Tap info:

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