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    Default Reliable Triumph Builder In OC

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible..
    Been lurking in these shadows for years and thanks to the abundance of information and expertise you all provide (and entertainment) I managed to build my own Triumph chop that I'm pretty proud of – Thank you!

    As with most projects there's been tons of ups and down and several years in between. The bike is pretty much finished as it will run if jumped and idle but it really needs tuning/safety/set up touches to make it complete. I've got about as far as i can with it in terms of know how and I'm looking for someone in Orange County, CA to finish the bike off. Can anyone recommend a RELIABLE dude to go to? I'd like someone with attention to detail that wants to get it done and get it out and paid rather than sit it in the corner for months on end.

    I appreciate any good leads.

    Thanks, once again, for the help!

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    Check out Hayden Roberts on instagram as @helloengine. Unfortunately i'm on the other coast and don't know much else for over there good luck man. Post some shots of your rig.

    Oh he's in Santa Paula

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    Post what it needs and use a thread to solve the problem yourself so you will expand your abilities instead of relying on others.

    What one man can do, another can do. That's not just a good lead, that's the best lead.

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    You’re in the Mecca of the triumph world. Throw a rock. Not sure who still exists.

    Talk to the guys at Moores, dunno how much service they’re doing but they’ll know the heavy hitters.

    Don’t know if tiger shack is still around.

    If you want to travel a touch, Franz and Grub absolutely kill it on the engines.

    Four aces also within reasonable distance.
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