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Thanks for the tips, I have one of the "better" 3M SpeedGlas auto darkening helmets and I know they do make the lenses for it. I don't recall the setting, but it was as per the manual for the heat I was using. I am in a bit of a catch 22 in that I have a cheap piece of Chinese crap welder and am hesitant to upgrade until I know I can learn TIG. Next year I step down from my current position at work which should free up a lot of my time, at that point I plan to take a course at the community college and work with a good machine and an instructor to see if I can improve. My wife loves to garden and I would like to be able to build custom trellises, waterfalls, and such for her. As well as actually make custom parts for my scoot.

Oh I do have the very beginnings of cataracts but nothing they want to touch.....yet.
Dont fret over the chinese welder, if you learn to weld with a shitty powersource it will get easier when you get a good one. Practice isnt much difference between china shit and actual welders anyway. Whats important is learning puddle control and filler feed rate. There are about as many styles as welders. As a hobbyist you wont be so concerned with smooth roots and pretty caps initially either. Just go observe puddle behavior and learn when you have full penetration, even walking speed, filler rhythm, so on. Its too damn fun to not get real good at it eventually!