Hey guys! Im new here, but I've got a few projects I'm working on right now. I bought 2 basket case engines (74 1000cc bored .10 over and a 79 1000cc ) a rolling chassis, and another 74 1000cc that's put together in a stand. I plan on building 2 maybe 3 bikes down the road, but I'm working on the one in the stand right now, and plan on swapping it into the frame. I'm new to wiring but I'm okay with mechanical things but not great. I'm just trying to get the engine in the stand running, could someone point me to a good diagram? As far as ik, the generator is good, the ignition, coil, etc. It has a dyna s ignition, instead of points. So basically I need help with seeing what needs wired up and what needs wired to what in order to get it running, but being new to this, I dont want to wire something up wrong and fry something expensive, thanks appreciate the help!