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    You can lift the tip of the pushrod over the edge of the adapter with needle nose pliers. Just lever it over and it will snap into place. Valve seats that are worn and/or machined deeper will cause this. Also, those particular adapters may be a little tall. The S&S version of that adapter is much shorter, so geometry is improved slightly, but the adjuster screws end up being adjusted way out, so it's a mixed blessing.


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    You can shorten the pushrod some too.
    Most all the Alum rods have a steel end pressed into the rod ...
    A bit of heat and a lathe to chuck the rod into will get the ball end out, then trim off about an 1/8" off the tube and press it back in....

    Most likely why yo're having this problem is the valve seats are sunk past specks..
    Seat replacement would be the real cure... That would get the rocker arms back to where they should be at too.

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