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    Default Getting rid of blinkers, horn and headlight switch on Honda Rebel 250 Chopper

    Hey dudes,

    I'm in the process of chopping my Honda Rebel 250. I am trying to figure a way to get rid of my horn, blinkers, headlight and choke switch. I'm not opposed to a different headlight switch but wanted to get rid of the cheesy plastic piece. Has anyone does this before and what parts did you use and is it even doable? I don't want to start ripping wires and completely f*ck my bike up. Where could I move the choke switch, and what would I do about the headlight? I assume I could just rip out the horn and blinkers without an issue because I'm not looking to keep any of those parts but obviously need a working headlight and choke switch. Help me brainstorm here dudes!

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