It's getting colder and time to think about winter projects! What do y'all have planned to keep you busy during the winter months? I just got a set of thunderstorm heads for my sporty trike. I rebuilt the top end not too long ago with the hammer 1250 kit but it still has the stock 883 heads that had a diy port job, stock cams and a thunderheader. It runs good but ya know I can't leave shit alone! So I'm gonna put those heads on and I'm thinking some hammer impact cams. I also have some taller bars to put on and the paint is peeling on my swingarm so that's gonna come off and get powder coated. I have some other small pieces I'm gonna bead blast and powder here at home. I have a dna rearend with the dana diff in it on my trike and they don't have reverse so I'm engineering a reverse system that I hope to have finished by spring. Let's here about your projects.Click image for larger version. 

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