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    Default 1983 suzuki gsx 750 chopper

    OK. Not quite so I mean I know cars... But isn't this a fun world!!!!

    I'm Karl and for all. Intents and purposes I've decided to build myself a chopper.

    I've got what a believe to be a hardtailed gs1000 frame (1979) ado couping parts to go with that!! I've got an 83 gsx 750 katana going in it. Exciting times!!!!

    However. What had lead me here to start with is my hunt for a rear wheel. Ebay hasn't been kind to me and Google hates me.

    I'm looking for a 15" wheel. But Im sure I'm. Looking wrong because I only seem to find ones for shaft driven bikes or belt I can't find chain driven wheels. Ideally I need it to be 3" or wider. I'd love 5" (ooer) but as long as its a sensible width I'll be happy.

    Please help. I've fried the remaining cells I have

    I'll. Update this more as I go but for now this is my biggest issue

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    Sounds interesting - can you post some clear pics of what you got?

    Is the rear wheel you have a mag - or with 40 spokes? If spokes, just get a 3" or 4" wide 15 inch rim and get it laced to your hub.

    Maybe find more info here at this forum for other wheels that could be swapped:
    GS Resources

    Here are some links to a series of threads of a GSX750 chopper build which may be of interest:

    James GSX750 chopper...#1

    GSX750 chopper#2, tank and wheel mounting, seat rails...

    GSX chopper #3, finish rear, coil mounts, tank filler & tap

    GSX chopper #4 Electrics box...

    GSX750 chopper #5...finished


    Phil's GSX1100...
    Phil has been watching the forums for a long time and his interest particularly picked up when we began James' GSX750. Saturday he brought down his GSX1000 for a rake job, extended forks, forwards and 4 into 2 exhausts...

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    Well, I can relate to Dain Bramaged, But this is British bikes section,,,, Maybe the OP is British and was confused?
    Might get more eyes on this for a Asian bike in the Asian bike section.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carlbuttonmissle13a.jpg 
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Name:	Carlsubmarine1516db8e78586edd.jpg 
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