Hey y'all.

I rolled up to a stop light today and felt something knocking around my left peg. Looked down- it was my ignition coil.
Previous Owner had done a relocation kit (moving the coil to a bracket on the top motor mount) about 20 years ago and i guess corrosion and vibration finally sheared it. Some of the pieces are lost on I-40 somewhere, so I can't weld the old one back together.

I've been looking for a replacement, but all I can find is the Yankee Engineuity kits and theyre hella-expensive. I'm thinking about making a custom bracket to hang off of the motor mount somehow (since the mount itself is still fine- its just the part the coil hangs off of thats fucked), but I'm still weighing my options.

Anybody got a lead on a top motor mount w/ coil bracket for a '90 Evo FXR? Preferably one that isnt $150?