i picked up a basket case shovel engine a few months back, tore it down to take a look, and wanted to post it up here maybe get some info and input on putting it all together. Biggest questions / concerns are that the engine clearly sat for a while, so some pitting/rusting occurred in one cylinder but i havent sanded it down yet, just wiped it down with a rag basically. flywheel is spinning smoothly, and looks to have the bottom end completely assembled / fresh. cases are delkron, cylinders are S&S 80's appears, but im not really sure on bore size / piston size. rear piston reads s&s 1600, other reads b3002.

so big question is, how bad is that rusting inside the cylinder, can it be runnable with sanding or run as is? can feel roughness with fingers on the cylinder but doesnt seem serious/surface rust only. the valves looks immaculate and motor appears to have never been ran. id need gaskets for reassembly, hardware is all there. not sure what oil pump these cases would need either, any input? never really assembled a motor before but this looks like its all in front of me. id need to read up on how tf the piston rings need to be assembled they seem very loose on the pistons not sure on alignment and assembly.

dumping photos below, if you cannot view them try following the link: https://imgur.com/a/HXmBMnj