I had been on a mix of Paxil and Klonopin for around 10 years. I slowly began to taper my meds. The withdrawal symptoms were unbearable. I tried tapering, quitting cold turkey, long tapers, slow taper and every time ended up back on the Klonopin because the damn withdrawals (vomiting, hallucinations, severe tremors, anxiety, bloating etc) were too intense and relief could be found in a pill.
Well, anyway, I am in the middle of yet another taper and I thought I would give CDB a try. I get on the bike cruise over to the CBD shop here in Kansas City. I go inside tell the guy whats up with the benzo thing and he gives me a sample. Mind you, i was actively having a panic attack and threw up outside the shop before going in. Anyway, I tell him if it works i will be back for a bottle. Get back on the bike and started down the road. !0 mins later it was like a cloud had been pulled away folks. My anxiety attack, the nausea, the sweating, the tremors....all gone immediately. When i got home I was able to relax without fidgeting with my phone manically. I ate dinner and had the best sleep i have had in YEARS. I woke up and went to work...focused.

So today i go buy a bottle and dose myself. A few min later the same effects but more intense and euphoric. Just a general sense of well being.

Look I love weed as much as the next guy. I love booze. BUT, if this shit actually keeps doing what it is currently doing then I will walk away from all that shit and just use this.

Had to stick this somewhere for info if someone else wants to get off SSRI meds and anxiety meds. If you dont have CBD shops local..hit up amazon. It has been a life changer...in just a day. Fucking unreal.