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    Default XLH 1000 Keihin Carb Probs

    Hey Guys ...need some help

    My bike is 1980 XLH1000 Sportster with standard Keihin Carb. Bike was lying for a few years with petrol in tank so tank and carb all gunged up. Cleaned out tank and carb. Carb has 1.60 main jet and .68 slow run jet.
    Bike starts fine on full choke, but when I push choke in it accelerates then dies suddenly.
    Ive had the carb off more times than I wish to recall, but today still same problem
    Any ideas ??
    If no solution will change out carb ...which is best suited for 1980 Iron Head Super B or E


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    Carb isn't clean....

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    Did you check for air leaks at the intake? Did you make sure all of the little orifices are clear - I like to use BraKleen to spray through 'em - you can see the squirt and it leaves no residue - just not for plastic, gaskets, or rubber.
    You must have done lots of research; here are a few links which may help:

    Ironhead Technical:

    Cleaning a Carb
    I am restoring a '71 Ironhead and wondered if there was any tips and tricks for taking off/stripping/cleaning/putting back the carb?

    Keihin carburetor rebuild series - YouTube
    Rebuild a Keihin butterfly (pre-CV) carb:

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    I restored my 79 FXS and did the upgrade better performance of the stock carb.... You really have to pay attention when your cleaning them. There are very small holes in there...

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    If it dies with the choke off ya have a manifold leak or maybe a blocked low speed circuit, but if the carb is clean a leak is likely. They are very common.

    Carb should be soaked to dissolve nasties. Spray cleaning ain't enough. You can poke a single strand of throttle or bicycle cable wire through the low speed jet if it's visibly blocked (inspect using bright light).

    Best carb for an Ironhead isn't an S&S, that's just what people hung on them since forever more often than not due to the sexy air filter housing. T If you are considering an S&S because you have on lying around I'd only use a B if it had the accelerator pump kit added. If not, the E which also doesn't stick out as far. I certainly wouldn't buy one to install.

    Those Keihins work fine if clean but later CV Keihins are a better carb.

    Got new intake manifold seals and aircraft style band clamps? James makes a good seal kit. I use it on my Shovels.

    Make sure you use a carb brace or stock air cleaner. Manifold clamps are not sufficient to hold the carb up.

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    Wasn't that long ago I bought a 5 Ga. bucket of Berryman's Carb dip from Napa ....
    Did a dip on a Holley 3310 carb ... Carb was as nasty on the outside as I was sure it was on the inside ...
    Left it in the dip overnight ... Pulled it out the next day, and it looked just as nasty as it did when I put it in...
    Took the dip back to Napa, got my money back and went on the hunt for what I have been using for years ...
    .... Gunk Chem Dip ....

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